The Montana Diabetic Eye Health Collaborative (or Alliance) is a new program launched by the Montana Optometric Association (MOA) in 2017.  The purpose of this program is to increase communication and collaboration between Primary Care Physicians (PCP’s) and Optometrists and improve care for our diabetic patients as well as continue to establish optometrists as primary eye care providers.


This initiative calls for the MOA to “develop and implement a statewide program to ensure the provision of timely optometric care to diabetic patients and to communicate findings to the other members of the diabetic patient’s health care team.”  A task force was formed and the Montana Diabetic Eye Health Collaborative is taking shape.


The Montana Diabetic Eye Health Collaborative is a voluntary program in which Montana optometrists are asked to formalize their commitment to our mission and objectives by signing a letter of agreement.  Montana optometrists are already providing excellent care to diabetic patients, so it is our hope that all members will embrace the simple step of sending a Montana Diabetic Eye Health Alliance approved exam report to both the patient's primary care provider and the MOA.   


While this program is not currently designed to generate direct referrals, it will result in a list of optometrists who have committed to a certain standard of care,  communicating exam results to the patient’s primary care provider, and other members of the health care team as appropriate.  A list of MOA participants will be provided to PCP provider associations and third-party payers, to document optometry’s commitment to providing the highest level of care to diabetic patients, and will help optometry continue to build bridges with other participants in the health delivery system. Find MOA participants on the Members List by looking for this symbol:  






If you have any questions about the Montana Optometric Association Eye Health Collaborative (or Alliance) or how to become a part of this exciting initiative, please contact the MOA office at (406) 443-1160.


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